Pardis Ravin Omid Company as the exclusive concessionaire of Geradpro brand started its activities aims to provide and cell luxury garments in individual sartorial of the best latest fabric brands of the world . Geradpro was established to be proud more of Iranian production and garments and total competition with the latest best global brands. Geradpro's bespoked sartorial is a unique and instance service of Iranian clothing industry and as the first and the only individual sartorial garments specialist brand in regards to genuineness, using the latest technology in prudcing and designing industrial to production for eats special clients to serve theire good tests. The new album of the newest fabrics of the latest global brands is ready now meteor clothes collection using the Gradpro designers and stylists according to the selected fabrics. The luxurious clothes the best global fabric brands with very bounded production with the latest luxurious accessories available in Geradpro shops and ready for your visit

We have been strutting for paid full attention the details, for the quality of our products and for our permanent customers. these have been geradpro priorities. Therefore, in all our collections we have tried to consider the details and provide the best quality. this is the covenant between us and your.

measurements We use advanced technology to provide you with the fit of a lifetime. It's time to leave unflattering off-the-rack sizes behind and join a personalized future. It's time you start wearing clothes made only for you.

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